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Front view of Vern Eide Motorcars, a car dealership in Sioux Falls, SD
This is an interior view of one of the Hons apartments. It's white and clean interior with hanging counter lights and living area archways demonstrate the glamorous and modern feel of the space.
This is a front view of the Hons 5-story brick apartment building.

Quality Is King

The Clint Stencil Construction company takes pride in our vast history of building both commercial and industrial developments and renovations as well as multifamily units for the past 40 years. We strive to deliver quality and reliability to our customers for their contractor needs.

We’re small enough to provide the kind of personal service you want and big enough to tackle any size commercial project you need. Clint Stencil is a straight shooter who prides himself on doing it right the first time – providing top quality work on time and on budget.

Our Building Construction Company Services

We offer two types of building construction services in the Upper Midwest and Sioux Empire areas.

This modern office building has tane pillars with an extruded gable with a black sconce on each pillar, a multicolored, decorative brick, two stories with a white fence railing on the second story.

Commercial Construction

We’re small enough to provide the personal service you want and big enough to tackle any sized commercial project you need. From steel, concrete, and stick frames, we have over 40 years of experience in the general contracting industry.

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Photo of a green three story multifamily apartment complex

Multifamily construction

With over 2500 apartment units and numerous multifamily developments under his belt, Clint Stencil Construction knows a thing or two about what residents need.

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Our Projects

Browse through our collection of commercial and multifamily construction and renovation projects to learn more about the quality workmanship we produce.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions?

What is the difference between commercial and residential construction?

Commercial construction is the act of building primarily with the intent that the completed project will be used for institutional or business purposes. This includes industrial, retail, office, hospitality, and governmental buildings. Residential construction on the other hand focuses on building living spaces for individuals and families. The two can also be differentiated by the types of materials used most often, specialized equipment and skills that may be required, and dozen of other unique characteristics. Excellence in one does not always translate to excellence in the other, but for Clint Stencil Construction, it does.

Do you offer residential construction?

Aside from apartments, most of our residential construction nowadays are in the form of townhouses or twin homes. Only on very rare occasions do we build custom homes for previous clients or close friends and family.

Have you built anything I would recognize?

Yes! Probably more than you think. Check out our projects page here. We confident you’ll recognize at least a few of our past projects.

What is your proudest achievement?

One of our proudest accomplishments is perhaps the one most under-the-radar and that is the far reaching influence of Clint Stencil. While we won’t name names, more than a few well-known builders in Sioux Falls were trained by Clint Stencil early in their careers.

Do you ever consult on construction projects?

Yes. As a General Contractor, Clint Stencil Construction company generally oversees and manages our own projects. However, because of Clint’s vast knowledge and experience in doing things the right way, professionals find value in his input and so he does consult on projects from time to time.

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