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Your multifamily construction company for apartment complexes, duplexes, and twin homes in the Upper Midwest

Clint Stencil Construction has extensive experience in multifamily construction and is one of the leading apartment builders in the Sioux Falls region.

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Quality is Key!

No matter the project, our reputation has been built on the quality of our workmanship. We’ve built more than 1500 homes and 2500 apartment units!

We strive to meet the needs and desires of buyers, renters, and investors.

We incorporate unique designs and features rarely found elsewhere.

For most projects, we help develop associations or hire quality managers to optimize the tenant experience.

When it comes to our investors, our goal is to maximize return without cutting corners.

What is included in Multifamily Construction?

Multifamily construction includes the process of develoment or renovation of the following multifamily housing types.




Multistory Apartment Building


Garden Apartment


High-Rise Apartment




Townhouse or Town Home


Duplex or Twin Home





Four Decades of Experience

Regional leaders in multifamily construction.

Clint Stencil has led the way among apartment builders in the Sioux Empire and mastered the art of multifamily construction.

Over four decades of experience.

2500 apartment units built.

Completed several high-end townhouse and twin home developments on the south side of Sioux Falls.

Converted a historic building to luxury lofts in Sioux City.

Multifamily Construction Process

When it comes to hiring the right general contractor for your next multifamily constrcution project, it’s important to use experienced contractors who are committed to quality and doing it right the first time. That’s what you get with Clint Stencil Construction. With more than 40 years of experience in the building and construction industry, we bring the experience, expertise, and committment needed.

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We create a design customized to your desired objectives .

Step 1

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We provide your or your investors with an estimated cost and timeline

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We work to ensure your project stays on track.

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Let’s discuss your multifamily construction project.
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Our Recent Projects

Browse through our collection of multifamily construction and renovation projects to learn more about the quality workmanship we produce.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions?

What is multifamily construction?

Multifamily construction refers to the building of a single structure with multiple separate housing units. This can take the form of apartment buildings or complexes, condominiums, townhouses, twin homes, etc. Depending on the development and unit type, in conjunction with the developers goals, housing units may be leased or listed for sale to individual owners.

Is multifamily construction considered commercial?

In special circumstances, multifamily construction may be referred to as commercial construction. This would typically occur if it was part of a multi-use building development or in some circles large apartment complexes built strictly for investment purposes. In most cases however, multifamily construction is separated by it’s focus on providing housing rather than its use for commercial business operations. Typically, commercial buildings and multifamily housing have different zoning and building code requirements.

What kind of multifamily projects do you build?

The majority of our multifamily construction consists of apartments and the development of higher-end townhouse and twin home communities.

Have you done anything unique with multifamily housing?

Yes! We’re always looking forward to the needs of the community and our clients. In fact, Clint Stencil was one of the first to recognize the need for one-bedroom apartments in Sioux Falls and, as a result, pioneered their construction in this market. HONS Apartments in Sioux City required the complete renovation of an old industrial building into luxury loft style apartments. The project required creating a dozen unique floor plans to fit within the building’s existing shape.

Do you sell or rent your multifamily projects?

This depends on the building. Some apartment complexes are built and managed by Clint Stencil Construction, while others are built or remodeled for our clients. Regardless, apartments are usually rentals. Townhouses, condos, and twin homes, on the other hand, are usually sold to individual owners who become part of an association.

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