Combination of three logos for Clint Stencil Construction, Sioux Falls Concrete Lifting, and Sioux Falls Epoxy Floors using the colors black, white, red, and grey.

Construction and Renovation

Construction and renovation for either commercial and multifamily buildings.

Concrete Lifting

Level sinking or settling concrete slabs with less time, less mess, and less cost than the alternatives.

Epoxy Floors

Give your floors a beautiful surface with decorative and protective floor coatings.

Reasons why Clint Stencil Construction has lead the general contractor industry in the Upper Midwest area since 1979.

Courthouse square in Sioux Falls, SD represents the first LEED Green Building in South Dakota.

Responsible for the first award-winning LEED green building in South Dakota.

With more than 40 years of specializing in the residential and commercial industries, we continue to use our experience, knowledge, and leading technology to ensure you get the best quality in the Sioux Falls, SD area. Since our inception in 1979, Clint Stencil Construction has improved South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska and Minnesota with a variety of commercial projects, upscale developments, single family homes, and apartment units.

If you look around, you’ll probably drive by examples of our craftmanship every day.

Commercial Projects

Premium Residential Developments

Single Family Homes

Apartment Units

A General Contractor Meeting Many Needs

Clint Stencil has been at the forefront of the Sioux Falls construction scene for more than four decades. For the past 20 years, his specialty has been as a general contractor focused on the new construction and remodeling of commercial buildings and multifamily developments. This remains the primary focus of our core company Clint Stencil Construction. It would be a waste however to let so many years of diverse experience sit idly by as the needs of customers become apparent. To address these needs, two complementary businesses exist, both of which retain the primary goal of doing it right.

A lifetime of living and building in the area has proven our midwest weather is rough on concrete. Sioux Falls Concrete Lifting was started to bring the latest technologies and same attention to detail to raising sunken concrete.

Always at the front of the curve with new trends, Clint realized that not only were protective epoxy floors an essential part of industrial commercial work, but high-end decorative epoxy utilizing metallic and quartz finishes is growing in popularity as a beautiful and durable finish for high traffic business environments. Sioux Falls Epoxy Floors was launched to address the needs of this specific niche.

An abstract logo for the Clint Stencil Construction company in the Sioux Fall, SD area.

Awards and Accreditations

Clint Stencil started his career as a general contractor in 1979. For many years, he was well known as one of the finest home builders in Sioux Falls. Eventually, he decided to apply those skills to multifamily and commercial construction, which has been his primary focus for the past 20+ years.

The South Dakota Home Builders Association Logo

Board of Directors 1990s

Spike of the Year 1990

The Parade of Homes Logo

Seven-time Parade Of Homes Award Winner

The LEED Gold Seal

First LEED Design certified building in South Dakota

The General Services Administration Logo

US General Services Administration 2006 Environmental Award

Ambitious Pursuit of Industry-Leading Technology

Meet Clint Stencil, Owner, Stencil Construction

Clint Stencil was born in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and is proud of his part in building his hometown and the surrounding areas. He has worked in construction since his high school days. Clint pursued higher education at South Dakota State University and took a number of business courses through the National Association of Home Builders. He started Stencil Construction at the ripe old age of 23 and, over the years, has built it into a leading regional general contractor and commercial building company.

Clint continues to use his experience, knowledge, and integrity, coupled with industry-leading technology, to lead his building construction team and ensure you’re getting the very best in the area.

Clint and Jackie Stencil preparing to cut a green ribbon with eight people surrounding them
Jackie and Clint Stencil enjoying a ride on horses and smiling at the camera

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions?

How long has Clint Stencil Construction been in business?

Over 40 years ago, Clint Stencil launched his own construction company in 1979. However, his start in the construction industry goes all the way back to the summer jobs of his high school years. This is what sparked his interest in launching his own general contracting business.

Are you locally owned?

Yes! Clint has been a lifelong resident of Sioux Falls, SD and though we’ve had the privilege of contracting projects outside of the area, our roots still run deep in the community as a Sioux Falls general contractor.

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