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Sioux Falls Concrete Lifting

Let’s face it, South Dakota seasons are hard on concrete. Temperature extremes, rain, snow and ice can cause your slab, sidewalk, driveway or floor to sink or settle. Sioux Falls Concrete Lifting, a division of Clint Stencil Construction, works with homeowners and businesses to level sinking or settling concrete slabs. By taking advantage of the latest advances in poly jacking, our highly-trained crews offer guaranteed results in less time, with less mess and less cost than the alternatives.

So before you replace your entire driveway or risk the liability of a tripping hazard on your warehouse floor, consider lifting it. Call the experienced and professional technicians at Sioux Falls Concrete Lifting for more information and a free on-site consultation.

Look to Sioux Falls Concrete Lifting for:


Powerful Polymers


Painless Procedures


Rapid Results

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Professional training equals professional results.

Better products. Better service. Better results.

When we began concrete lifting, we decided to specialize using only polyurethane foam because of it’s many advantages.

Lead lifters professionally trained on equipment by suppliers.

Use only the highest quality foam and equipment.

Numerous residential and commercial lifting jobs completed with total customer satisfaction.

Low turnover and a consistent crew means lots of experience.

A crew member is kneeling in the job site, wearing grey gloves, and working with a piece of equipment used during the concrete lifting process.

Our 30-Month Guarantee

If necessary, Sioux Falls Concrete Lifting will re-lift any slab which may have settled more than ½” once within 30 months of initial project completion. A re-lift consists of using the same holes to lift the same areas work was previously performed. This guarantee is void if customer does not seal all joints and cracks and maintain backfill along slabs adjoining rock, dirt, and landscaped areas, or if displacement occurs by an act of God, such as flooding.

This guarantee is void if the customer does not seal all cracks and joints on the slabs and maintain backfill along slabs adjoining rock, dirt, and landscaped areas or if displacement occurs by an act of God, such as flooding.

The Concrete Lifting Process

The structure is only as good as the foundation it’s built on. Reglardless of how well build a structure may be, the ground beneath it often settles. Erosion, shifting soil, compaction, and many other environmental conditions contribute to this problem.

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Drill Small Holes

3/8″ holes are drilled for injection

Unlike other systems that leave large noticeable holes, our system only drills several 3/8″ holes. This makes for a much less noticeable repair.

Step 1

A small, black icon of the tool used to insert polyurethane foam into the concrete during the lifting process

Polyurethane Foam

Poly foam is injected underneath the slab.

High strength polyurethane foam is injected underneath the slab. As the foam is injected, the slab is lifted back into place.

Step 2

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Silicone Sealants

Slab surface is restored

Finish work is then performed with silicone sealants. Drill holes are patched. Cracks and joint are sealed, if included. The surface of the slab is restored to optimal condition.

Step 3

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Clean Up & Use

Typically ready for use within 15 minutes

Crews are careful to thoroughly cleanup job sites before departing.

Step 4

Schedule your free consultation

Our Recent Projects

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions?

How does concrete lifting work?

We use a polymer foam capable of lifting up to 14,000 per square foot, injected through small 3/8” holes drilled in the concrete surface. This foam is hydrophobic, temperature stable, and long lasting. The foam material injects in liquid form, spreads out 3-4 feet in every direction and then expands, filling any underground void and raising the concrete as it expands. Once the concrete has been lifted into place, the holes are patched so that you’ll hardly notice them.

How is concrete lifting different than mud jacking?

Polymer foam brings strength while Mud jacking is a temporary band aid. The reason for this is mud jacking injects a slurry mix of sand, dirt, and concrete under your concrete. Unfortunately, this mixture has the same disadvantages as your existing concrete and base. Not only is it heavy, but it also suffers from the same sensitivity to shrinking, expanding, and erosion we experience with our midwestern weather.

Can my concrete be lifted, or does it need to be replaced?

If the concrete is more than 15-20 years old or broken up, there is a higher probability it will need to be replaced. The only way for us to know for sure is to take a look. If replacement is the more prudent option, then we can also provide a quote to have our team replace small or significant portions of your project.

How much does concrete lifting cost?

It’s often less than half than that of replacement. While, the total cost of lifting depends on each individual project, it is often less than half than replacing your concrete. However, because of the superior nature of Polymer Foam, the cost will be slightly higher than traditional mud jacking. We encourage you to contact us for a free estimate.

Is concrete lifting guaranteed?

Yes, in fact our Limited 5-Year Guarantee ensures your concrete will stay at its desired level so long as the surrounding area is properly caulked and sealed, and the landscaping is properly maintained. If it drops again during that time, give us a call and we’ll come back and lift it again. As far as we know, Sioux Falls Concrete Lifting offers the best guarantee in the region.

How long does the process of concrete lifting take?

From as little as half a day to a few days, depending on the project. In fact, lifting with Polymer Foam is certainly the fastest way to go about returning your concrete back to its original position. Something like a driveway can often be lifted in as little as half a day and is ready to be driven on within 15 minutes of completion. Larger industrial projects may be completed in a series of stages over several days depending on total square footage. Give us a call for a more accurate estimate on the project timeline.

What happens if I don't have my concrete repaired?

Damage, trip hazards, sinkhole dangers, and liability issues, to name a few. Neglecting to repair can have huge implications. Some results of neglect can include

1) Damage to your expensive structures
2) Damage to vehicles driving on sunken slabs
3) Trip hazards and resulting lawsuits
4) Possible sinkhole dangers
5) Limitless liability issues

What options are there to repair a sunken slab?

1) Replace the slab. This process takes several days, is often messy, and typically the most expensive option.

2) Lift with cement grout. This procedure is known as mud jacking. It requires heavy equipment, large drill holes, and the use of heavy cement grout which may shink and crack over time.

3) Lift the slab with AP Lift Polyurethane foam. This procedure uses light equipment and material, small drill holes, and makes less of a mess.

Sioux Falls Concrete Lifting Logo with White and Grey background colors

Who is Sioux Falls Concrete Lifting?

Sioux Falls Concrete Lifting is a division of Clint Stencil Enterprises. With many years of concrete experience, Clint recognized the local need for quality concrete lifting, sought out the best products, and launched Sioux Falls Concrete Lifting as a complementary company to Clint Stencil Construction.

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